La Bête Noire

Just got done making “The Black Beast.” It was super easy, decadent, and beautiful dessert. Special shout out to the Trader Joe’s Pound Plus bar for making this an affordable treat too!

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The Black Beast. I think that’s a perfect name for A. the virus I just told you about and B. this ganache-laden flourless chocolate cake.

First things first: I have recovered. For those of you wondering if this lil shortlist would ever be able to digest non-pale items again – fear not! After over three days of english muffin induced coma, my stomach has decided to man up and once again take control of what it lets in (and what it shoots out). Yesterday afternoon I was well enough to spend a few hours getting a private tour of the new wing of the Museum of Fine Arts followed by dinner at our hands down favorite red sauce Italian restaurant. Where the chicken parm does not fit on the plate and attempting to share the equally gargantuan chocolate bread pudding has, once or twice, caused family members to go…

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