Patreon Perk Update

Hey Hey! If you have watched any recent episodes of Swashbuckled, then you might have heard us rambling on about a patreon page (or, as Marie so eloquently says, “give us your money”). We have recently updated our goals and patron perks, so we are here to share that with you and explain what patreon is and how your contributions help us!


Patreon is a way for a community to fund the projects they love. Many podcasts, web series, websites and artists use patreon as a way to get funds from their viewers (or, consumers?) and in return, they offer certain perks for monthly contributions. It is a lot like kick starter, but instead of one large lump sum in an all-or-nothing environment, you can determine how much you want to contribute on a monthly basis.


We are currently focused on building our community, and looking to expand the number of patrons. That means that for only $1 a month, you will help us meet our goals! But to be honest, the fun stuff starts happening at $5 per month.

Every episode of Swashbuckled contains hours of filming that gets cut down to a 12-17 minute episode. We also end up cutting a ton of hilarious and inappropriate material that just isn’t right for the episode. We are now going to compile that into one big outtake video per episode and release it on our patreon feed at the $5 level. This also include our “Jeff Reacts” videos (where Jeff tries the food we whip up after a long hard day of work and lets us know how unimpressed he is. It’s great)

At the $10 (and up) level we are going to have additional content on our patreon-exclusive feed that includes new product reviews, “live” events, additional exclusive recipes, and more (we might even sing for you)!

Above that pay range, we have rewards like picking ingredients, an exclusive Swashbuckled shirt and swag bag, monthly customized meal plans…pretty cool stuff!


You can visit our patreon page and feed at:


We are mostly looking to cover the cost of ingredients for our weekly shows, and beyond that, we will put the funds raised towards things like marketing, technology, hiring technicians, etc. We would need to exceed all our current goals before we actually make money off this thing, but would gladly accept blowing all our goals out of the water!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Hope to see you on our patreon page soon!


Marie and AmandaIMG_3574

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