Why Trader Joe’s?

After years of being asked questions like “Is everything in your kitchen from Trader Joe’s?” or “Do you ever shop anywhere else?” I decided to actually purchase groceries only from Trader Joe’s. Well, and Farmer’s Markets (nothing beats delicious, farm fresh produce.)

There are many reasons why I love this grocery store:

  • Great prices and a wide variety of cheese (number one on this list for a reason)
  • Unique prepared foods that make great “lazy night” meals. I haven’t found one that I didn’t like.
  • Reasonable priced booze (this is coming from someone who doesn’t really drink much, but I sometimes use wine in my cooking or will make a sangria for a party).
  • Probably the most important is the Trader Joes (or Mings, or Joes, etc.) private label of foods, which when you purchase it you can know that it is free of all the things that make dietitians twitch ( which include: GMO ingredients, artificial flavors or preservatives, MSG, synthetic colors, partially hydrogenated oils.)
  • Delicious and unique desserts.
  • Easy returns. I have opened something, cooked it and then gone back and just told them it wasn’t good and they will refund my money. Any time produce is nasty, I can just let them know and they will refund my money, no questions asked.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Trader Joe’s in any way, nor do I receive sponsorship of any kind



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