Road Trip Fuel from Trader Joe’s

Road Trip Food

It’s the last month of summer…which can only mean one thing…ROAD TRIP!! Nothing like hopping in a car with the AC blasting and traveling all over the country while its scorching hot outside.

But while traveling through random towns and in the middle of nowhere, its important to have some fuel on hand. Road trips are also famous for gas station food and convenience items, and quick serve restaurants, that all have a bad rap for unhealthy foods. When we travel, we always make sure we are stocked up on our favorites from Trader Joe’s (both healthy and decadent).

Beef or Turkey Jerky


Beef Jerky is the ultimate road trip food. I remember going to gas stations as a kid and coming out with a giant, flat strip of dried beef. If you are looking for a leaner version, opt for the turkey jerky.

Turkey Chomps


This is the last time we talk about meat on this list, promise. We also love CHOMPS, specifically the Turkey flavor, which is lower fat than the original beef flavor.

Roasted Seaweed with Salt


One of our favorite snacks to have on hand from Trader Joe’s. Seaweed is a great way to get in your potassium, iodine, magnesium and vitamins A and C. It’s also a low calorie way to whet your savory tooth – 60 calories for the whole package!

Black Cold Brew Coffee


I am not normally a black coffee kind of person, however the canned black cold brew from Trader Joe’s is very creamy and smooth, making it a personal favorite. This is a great choice to bring on the road when you won’t be able to come in contact with a Starbucks for miles.

Sweet, Savory & Tart Trail Mix


Hands down, our favorite deconstructed candy bar…er, trail mix. This variety three different types of sweet chips: chocolate, peanut butter and white chocolate. As well as cashews, peanuts and different varieties of raisins. But be mindful of enjoying these, as 1/4 cup contains 150 calories (which can add up significantly as you sit in the passenger side eating palmful after palmful) (not that I know from experience…)

Organic Oats & Flax Instant Oatmeal


Why pay an arm and a leg for breakfast when you can have these delicious (and healthy) oatmeal packs ready to go? Just bring a bowl and find some hot water (Starbucks? Microwave?).

Honey Wheat Pretzel Sticks


Sometimes, you just want to munch on carbs in the car. We feel that! Why not reach for a satisfying whole grain pretzel that the whole family enjoys?

Other great options for road trips on the aisles of Trader Joe’s:

  • Individual Packages of Almonds – We also love having a snack rich in protein and healthy fats to keep us satiated on the road.
  • Gum– Trader Joe’s has some delicious gum at the checkout. Whatever brand you choose, look for sugar free and make sure you have some on your next road trip. This helps with to combat eating while bored, something even the most intuitive eater can encounter.
  • Water– As much as stopping to use the bathroom constantly is a pain, dehydration is an even bigger pain. Make sure you have some with you on your travels.

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